ZedicAire strives to provide the best local service, repair and replacement for your heating, air conditioning and commercial refrigeration systems.

Our mission is to provide our customers service that exceeds their expectations so much, that they WANT to share the experience they had with ZedicAire, with their friends, family members and neighbors.

ZedicAire customer have shown that they are committed to ZedicAire as their service provider with a 100% customer retention rate.

Once a ZedicAire customer always a ZedicAire customer.

All of our company growth has been from word of mouth referrals, or through social media recommendations. This is good news for our customers as it allows ZedicAire to keep their marketing costs low and pass the savings on to our customers.

Why do our customers recommend us?

We are …

  • an honest, reliable and dependable provider of the right repair at a fair price
  • listeners of needs and concerns
  • consumer educators, providing clear instruction on what is needed and the associated costs
  • planners, providing the customer with recommendations for potential future needs

We are NOT...

  • looking to extract every possible dime we can get from the customer
  • going to attempt to sell you a complete replacement of all your equipment when all you need is a repair
  • going to try to confuse or intimidate the customer into buying something they do not need


Phone or Text:   817 996-5593

E-mail: zedicaire@gmail.com

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